Emergency Call Out

Property Emergency Service

Integrated fm Group Flood mediation – Insurance companies recommend our service because we save them money on your approved claim;

24-hour Emergency Flood recovery

A burst pipe, a storm event, a neighbouring property issue – and so many other reasons we have been called to help.

An emergency attendance is called to Integrated fm Group when a property is at increased risk of short-term and long- term damage from flood. Our experienced technicians will attend within the hour, anywhere in Victoria and begin the process of securing the property for a recovery action. Our Service Team will take initial instructions from the property owner/manager or emergency authorities and then apply our years of experience to prevent further damage impacting the property zones. Integrated fm Group service teams are trained in the best methods to inspect and apply our services. Our Service Teams will be using the leading world’s best water extraction and area drying technology equipment to conduct the following

Water Extraction

Utilizing the highest capacity water extraction systems Integrated fm Group will deploy systems which can extract high levels of surface born water in the shortest amount of time, 500 litres per hour, which will ensure that surface water is removed quickly and efficiently within the affected zones. Furniture, computers, and all other items are progressively relocated to prevent increase static water damage further impacting these items. The process of water extraction will continue until water is unavailable to the machines to extract.

Measures are taken

Integrated FM Group understands that insurance claims are often declined because service providers fail to record the correct information at all stages of flood recovery. Our teams understand and implement insurance company regulations to ensure clients have the highest chance of a successful claim. We measure water extraction volumes and moisture/humidity content at multiple zones and stages of the recovery process. Integrated FM Group deploys moisture and humidity measuring systems to constantly monitor and provide feedback to clients and insurance assessors about the recovery progress.

Area Drying

Integrated fm Group will deploy at key points in the property zones multiple technologies to further reduce the water and moisture from the areas. Powerful Blower technology, dehumidifiers and micro water extraction systems are all utilised to reduce the moisture content. These systems can take several days but will result in a dry and mould free environment.

It’s not just the floor – Moisture from floods and flood recovery often effects not only floor coverings. Floor slab, wall plaster, floor connected joinery, ducted vacuum systems, window furnishings can all be affected by a flood event. Often these areas go unnoticed or not attended because the floor covering appears dry. Our testing systems and service teams experience will achieve all areas are attended. By applying this principal our services will prevent Mould from gradually appearing in a property day, weeks and months later.

Detailed Reporting Systems

Integrated fm Group has developed unique and approved reporting systems for the Insurance Assessor and Insurance Company to assess the property damage. Our systems can form the best solution for the property owner to recommend to the Insurance company the most efficient and cost-effective solution to repair the areas damage.

24 Hour Emergency Fire recovery

From a small kitchen fire to a major property fire event, Integrated FM Group will deploy our technicians to remediate the damage caused by fire, which includes flame, heat, smoke, vapor, and water damage. Each of these effects requires different treatments and outcomes for your property.

Integrated FM Group service technicians will quickly attend and assess the areas that require immediate rectification. Our systems will assist the property to release the damage from smoke and heat and remediate the effects of water and sludge for the property. Our professional recovery teams will provide professional reporting to the insurance assessment team, inclusive of all emergency service reporting and attendance of all the actions undertaken during and post the event to ensure the property can be returned to its premium condition.