Integrated fm Group In-Home Care Services – Personal Assistance Services

Our supported clients are of all ages and abilities. Integrated fm group services are designed for including people who are living independently in their own homes or supported accommodations and include all ages from young, teenager, young adults, adults to older people, We also proved services to people with illnesses such as multiple sclerosis or dementia, and healthy people with an acquired brain injury or an intellectual disability. Integrated fm Group supports our clients to remain in their own homes for as long as they wish and with supports that provide a healthy lifestyle that is supported and encouraged to include new and exciting activities with all services being tailored for personal needs. Each health and wellbeing service is integrated so care is tailored to meet client needs, yet is flexible as circumstances change or needs change

IFM – In Home Help

Integrated fm Group can provide support with domestic all your home cleaning requirements . We can provide a selection of any of the following items or all if required. Our professional service teams are coming to your home as fully trained, with a National Police Check and Working with Children check, so you know we have selected only people who are trusted and can be invited into your home. The duties our trained staff can perform are;:


All area and surface dusting. Our staff are making shore that your valuable and loved items are carefully handled and prepared into the space you want them so you can continue to love and share them with your visitors or just admire them for yourself – cleaned and tidy as they should be.

Floor Surfaces

Floor vacuuming & mopping – We will focus on all your main areas and leave a spotless and clean floor surface. We are very used to pets being a vital part of life inside so will be prepared to service the floor surfaces to remove pet hair and any stains as required.

Kitchen Services

Cleaning a kitchen is a vital environment to make certain it is disinfected and ready to prepare your meals. Our service will include cleaning benches and appliances, wiping all cupboards, collecting all rubbish and emptying all bins, Oven and Microwave clean even cleaning out the refrigerator each week or month, cleaning a range hood and wiping walls and tiled surfaces.


Sanitised wet areas are the only way to maintain a healthy home. Our staff are trained in providing a sanitised bathroom, laundry and toilet area. Our staff are ensuring all surfaces are cleaned, sanitised and ready for use. We also prioritise that toilet paper, hand soap, Shampoo are all ready for continued use. In addition, we make sure that any personal aids within the area are safe for use and working as required – EG Hand Rails are secure, Wet chairs are stable, slip mats are clean and working.

Added Services can include

 Clothes washing, ironing, changing bed sheets and general tidying up and putting wheelie bins on street and returning. We can also help with bill paying, sending and collecting of mail and packages, putting out and bringing in rubbish and recycling bins, and with regular telephone check-ups as part of our home-calling well fare check service.

IFM – Grocery Shopping & Meals

IFM can support our client with simply going to the supermarket and selecting the items that you want to use and bring them to you and pack them away into your home cupboards. We understand that you want certain items and brands and will only supply those items when they are available. It is about your choice to be independent with your needs. If you need some help in preparing your meals to be ready to cook or completing the cooking process we can offer this support.

IFM - Personal Care

Our employees are trained and experienced in a wide range of personal care activities, and are able to provide ongoing support when daily tasks like showering, selection of clothes, dressing and grooming become too difficult to manage alone. We can also help with toileting, personal hygiene and incontinence management, and with general mobility and transfers.

IFM - Communication Aids Assistance

Integrated fm Group understands that communication is important to our clients. Our staff can provide assistance with fitting sensory communication aids, checking hearing aid batteries, using the telephone and cleaning spectacles.

IFM - Care and Companionship

Integrated fm Group can provide companionship tailored around your personal needs and wishes to help you remain as connected and independent as possible. We can assist you when attending medical or social appointments, help with your shopping, paperwork and correspondence, support you when taking a walk or with assisted exercise, or even simply provide company and conversation.

IFM - Garden Maintenance and General Maintenance Services

Integrated  fm Group understand the importance of your garden. Our trained gardeners specialise in mowing, weeding and planting and garden waste removal.

Integrated fm Group will also provide all property maintenance services. From a Smoke detector battery change and check, light bulb change, to a leaky tap to a wall that needs painting we can provide the service. Our professional trades include;

Electrician                  Plumbing        Painting          Carpentry        Tiling

We are also active in providing advice on potential home-safety risks, ensuring the home and garden have an adequate level of security, access to technical advice on major home modifications and minor modifications to the home such as bath rails and shower hoses.

IFM - Transport and Social Inclusion

Integrated fm Group can provide transport and social inclusion assistance for clients by coordinating transport to and from social outings, shops, medical practitioners and community events. We can also organise support and access to programs and therapies for specific behaviours or conditions.

IFM - Training days and Daytrips

Integrated fm Group Social Support program offers a variety of solutions. We can offer  group day out to a Golfing clinic or day on a golf course, a fishing excursions with a group or as an individual, a day of walking in the bush, a  trip to the beach or any other idea you may want to be supported with.  Our subsidised trips for clients and their carers to different Victorian destinations each year. The trips give clients of varying ages and abilities an affordable holiday while maintaining the level of daily care they require, with 24-hour support from qualified and experienced staff