Test And Tag Services

Graham James                                                                      Compliance and Test Tag Manager                Graham@integratedfmgroup.com                                                        Direct contact: 0488028694

Integrated fm Group will manage your 12 monthly compliance free of charge. You will no longer have to worry about when your Test Tags are due for your site compliance. Integrated fm Group can also link to your compliance team, Insurer or ISO Auditor to ensure you can supply the information when it is required with a simple email or phone contact to Graham, anytime anywhere for any site and any item on any site. Integrated fm Group specialise in multiple site compliance recording and formal executive style reporting for your business to be professionally representing your Test Tag obligations.

Standardized Rates for your convenience are available and Graham can also customise a quotation for your business. Graham is also available to offer guidance and create your site plan for your Test Tag compliance requirements.

Integrated fm Group have created an Insurance company audit style template that will update your insurer and any ISO Auditor of your site compliance and equipment current test tag status.

Graham will be available at any stage of your compliance requirements to assist you to create a professional response within this important compliance requirement of your business

Always remember the Test Tag service and recording management is mandatory for any electrical device attached to your property that your business uses and must be managed for your business to operate safely and within your insurance policy guidelines. It is not only the large electrical machines but also phone chargers and toasters that need to comply and be tested.

Keep your staff safe and let Integrated fm Group manage you companies compliance on a one off or contract basis.