Management of Quality - Audit Services

Integrated fm group believe that all your services need to be reported. The actual presentation quality of the service is audited plus the vital “knowledge” of your site . How much Toilet Paper is being supplied to the site, how much hand towel is being used on your site or other locations, how is your site usage compare to other sites in your business.  Integrated fm Group will conduct onsite audits and report all service operations and quality outcomes too our client management each month. Each audit will be functioned with the Integrated fm Group Electronic Audit program, issued via a Microsoft Tablet enabled device. Each audit will contain written commentary and photographic evidence of quality outcomes. The Audit issues a score which can be compared to each historical report, to indicate increase, decrease or stable service qualities.

Example of Integrated FM Group Site Compliance Tracking

 Integrated fm Group ensure that every site is compliant for our client. We are constantly checking and reviewing each site for OH&S implementation standards, reviewing all Incidents, Site Training records, Employee site Induction data Site Assessment logs and all data associated with the highest contract compliance standards available to our industry. Integrated fm Group is constantly seeking to improve and measure our improvement in Site Compliance for our clients and our staff.