Integrated fm Group

Integrated fm Group is a quality endorsed company with all required ISO Standards guaranteeing that our business is at the highest operating standards available to the market. Integrated fm Group is a full Facility Management, Commercial Cleaning Services and Property Maintenance provider.

Our Commitment

Integrated fm Group will always commit to servicing our client needs and ensure the services delivered are to the highest industry standards and satisfaction for our client. Integrated fm Group will maintain a value spend for our client customer. Integrated fm Group will always ensure our staff are paid well, on time and can grow within our business. Our staff will always represent Integrated fm Group and our Client as well trained and presented, respectful and courteous.

Integrated fm Group will ensure all the product and services suppliers to our business or our client’s business are honest, capable and providing a service that is of the highest standard available and can be guaranteed by Integrated fm Group. All suppliers are required to be committed to the Integrated fm Group  “ethical services and purchasing policy” which ensures the conduct of our business has considered and applied anti slavery conduct, anti pyramid or sham contracting, environmental harm mitigation policies.


Equal Opportunity Employment

Integrated fm Group is a proud equal opportunity employer and service provider that will respect all aspects of our service offer being safe, value for money spend, an opportunity to exceed the expectations for our staff, our client and ourselves and be committed to always improving these expectations of excellence of Integrated fm Group management and the services we offer for the benefit of our industry and our peers.

Service Guarantees

Integrated fm Group guarantees our performance for your money. Our management team will conduct comprehensive follow up audits for our clients and our staff. Our investment in worlds best practice audit systems will have your site comprehensively and routinely checked for our quality services performance.

ISO Quality Endorsed Company

Integrated fm Group is a quality endorsed company ensuring that our management systems, our services, our environmental impacts and our work safety processes are delivered daily for our clients and our staff. In addition we conduct additional internal checks t ensure our suppliers, our equipment our contractors are all compliant with our quality standards expectations.