Commercial Cleaning Services

Scheduled commercial property cleaning will always include; Vacuuming, sweeping, wet floor cleaning, Toilet sanitation, Kitchen Sanitation clean, dusting, surfaces wet wiping, glass cleaning. Our service staff will ensure all areas are clean and tidy. Collecting loose items, aligning furniture and items to present an area at the highest standard that our client will expect of their environment.


IMOP Technology

Eliminating the MOP and Bucket

Imop will be deployed replacing all standard Mop and Bucket usage up to 95%. The IMOP is an auto scrubber on a stick mount. The unit will operate through all current lino areas, which are currently being serviced with traditional mop and bucket. This system will introduce immediate clean floor that are immediate dry to walk on, therefore eliminating the practice of mopping corridors and placing wet sign out to warn of wet floor. This method improves OH&S substantially and the immediate clean will increase 100%.

The IMOP can be used in all Wet Areas inclusive of Laboratories, Medical Suites, Kitchenettes and Toilet Facilities each service. The cross contamination is controlled by immediate new water and complete controlled removal and separation of all wastewater and slurry from the floor being isolated in a separate sealed tank. The high clean daily for each are especially Toilet facilities is at industry best practice hygiene.


Importantly the IMOP is easy to use and has promoted the cleaner to utilise the technology daily, through the reduction of physical labour, time, and serviceability of eliminating the fill and refill waste of valuable on floor, in clean time

To achieve higher volume and higher square metre coverages Integrated fm Group can deploy any size or style of machine required to achieve success for a client premises.

The fleet of Integrated fm Group high capacity auto scrubbers and auto sweepers is always available for our Service Technicians to access or if we can store them at our client’s premises for permanent access we will. From Pedestrian Auto Scrubbers to the latest Ride-on High Volume Auto Scrubbing units, Integrated fm Group can service any floor type and size our client will challenge us to achieve.